House of Glunz: Old World Wines in Old Town

February 25 2008 - 2:34 PM

I guess for many reasons, there are no wine shops left in the Gold Coast.  You can pick a few bottles at the Goddess and Grocer, and there’s Treasure Island supermarket, but that’s it.  Gold Coast’s lack of wine shops bring me to Old Town where House of Glunz is located on Wells just North of Division.  In terms of aesthetics, it’s my favorite shop.  The shelves are old wood, there are empty bottles going back generations, with old barrels of sherry and family heirlooms, and the dusty, worn feel reminds me of some of the older European bouncy castle for sale wine shops.  Paintings of grapes and stained glass make it a cathedral of wine shops.

This is largely due to the Glunz family operating the shop since
1888.  Not only do the Glunzes run and operate the place (I mean, they
are actually there), but there is also a Glunz name operating a winery
in Grayslake, a Glunz beer distributor (the oldest in the U.S.), a
Glunz wine distributor and importer, and also a Glunz Bavarian Haus in
Lincoln Square

They have a good selection of European wine, unusual beers, and a
fantastic selection of eaux-de-vie (French distilled fruit spirits) as
well as other more unusual types of European spirits, and they do have
open bottles for sampling if you ask.   If you dare and have the means,
you can even buy madiera that is over a century old.  Also conveniently
located is an under $10 bin where you can dumpster dive for everyday
wines.  They also have informative wine tastings periodically.

House of Glunz
1206 N. Wells