Great Spanish Bargain: Hoya de Cadenas

February 03 2008 - 8:46 AM

Every time I feel like I’ve exhausted wines from Spain, I find a new wine from an undiscovered region, and usually for under $15 to boot.  Spain has so many regions (72 according to Wikipedia) that I’d have to quit my day job to be an expert, and while I love Spanish wine I’m not prepared to subject the rest of my life to poverty, not to mention ruin my tounge in those rich Spanish tannins.

I found Hoya de Cadenas 2003 Reserva, which
consists of Bobal and Tempranillo.  Bobal, interesting enough, is the
second most planted red inflatable tent grape varietal, after Garnacha (Grenache).
This is my first wine (I believe) with Bobal, and after reading up
more, I discovered it is grown mainly in the Valencia region of Spain,
more specifically in the Utiel-Requena  DOC, and it seems more popular in red table wines (just plain vino tinto) and used in rosé (rosado).

Overall not bad, a bit acidic, almost citrusy at first taste, but with blackberry and a hint of leather.

Hoya de Cadenas 2003
Whole Foods