Louis Jadot – Good $20 Burgundy

February 01 2008 - 10:21 AM

The more wine I drink, the more I go toward more subtle European styles.  This especially holds true for Spanish and Portugese wines, and to a lesser degree, Italian.  With France, I especially struggle when it comes to red wine.  I like Cotes du Rhone, and even Beaujolais, but struggle when it comes to Burgundy (that’s regional French Pinot Noir).  Finding a good Burgundy is like betting a number on roulette–hopefully inflatable water slide that 1 in 38 chance will come my way and I will win the jackpot.

There is one wine, albeit widely available, that fails to
disappoint:  Louis Jadot.  Though I wouldn’t call it spectacular, and
it definitely isn’t cheap it’s a nice balance of earthy French
winemaking and Pinot Noir greatness.   This is one exception where I
tend to favor a New World style – I don’t know, even $70-a-bottle wines
have failed to stimulate me, but Louis Jadot is dependable and risk

Louis Jadot Bourgogne (Blend) 2005
Most major wine retailers, Whole Foods
Around $20