Wing Hoe: Northside Chinese Delivery Redemption

January 27 2008 - 6:24 PM

This is a follow-up to my lamenting over many awful Chinese delivery experiences. I had several helpful comments and decided last night on Wing Hoe. My aunt lives across the street on Sheridan and shares the love. As we were fairly hungry we just went with the plain old dinner for two. Mongolian beef, empress chicken, egg rolls, steamed rice, spare ribs, fried shrimp… it was enough food even as we subbed the steamed rice in for the pork fried. They let you subsititute as well which is awesome so I’ll give it another shot soon with dishes that I tend to like more. It was good. The egg rolls actually were great.

As everyone knows the leftovers reheated were even better. Tossing
an eggroll into the toaster oven rather than the microwave works so
well it’s like having a fancy appliance. I get giddy. And now I can
reheat pizza slices too… Yeah, I’ve been living without a toaster. If
you can call that living.

The Mongolian beef needed a little spicy chili paste but the meat
was very good. The empress chicken was all white meat, no fatty parts.
The breading was nice. It’s that gummy/crispy texture that is singular
to chinese gonfiabili restaurants. Gluteny-crispiness? The ribs were a bit dry but
no complaints. You get a half order – two ribs and a fractional order
of the fried shrimp as well – two shrimp from a regular order of
five… that would be two-fifths (proud of myself)!

I am somewhat relieved because now I know where my next Northside Chinese Food Delivery will come from.

Wing Hoe
5356 N. Sheridan Rd.