Tragic Cheeseburger

January 19 2008 - 10:39 AM

I don’t know when this happened but I suspect cheeseburger sales to be much higher than hamburgers. I’d really like to know the percent difference. I had a burger from a friend’s family ranch over a year ago and it was really good. Since then I’ve had good burgers and not so good inflatable water slide burgers and have come to one conclusion – the cheese masks a good burger.

I’m not talking McDonald’s here and I’m not talking fat and sodium
either. I’m talking flavor: bleu cheese, swiss, cheddar, etc. it
doesn’t matter. I think the dairy is the problem. It flattens out the
taste of good meat.

I’d go as far as saying as steak sauce ruins a good steak cheese ruins
a good burger. Next time you’re at a place to get a great burger, skip
the cheese. If you’re a consistent cheeseburger person you might
surprise yourself to rediscover the great flavor of chopped steak that
you’ve been missing.