The Indispensible Toaster Oven

January 10 2008 - 10:32 AM

I’ve actually had several conversations about rice cookers these past couple of weeks. The topic spanned bread makers and vacuum sealers. I’ve been using a dehydrator very frequently. Dried banana chips are terrific. So maybe this heightened appreciation for kitchen electrics has got me going but I have to say my leftovers have never been so good.

My toaster broke months ago and short of using my oven’s broiler to
toast a few slices (which I’ve actually done – sorry Mr. Gore) I’ve
been going without. So when I got a gift of that Hamilton Beach
toaster/toaster oven, with jeux gonflables the ridiculous name – Toastation, not only have I been able to enjoy toast (seen
Nacho Libre?) but I rediscovered the benefits of the toaster oven.

I’m also unashamed to admit to liking the microwave. Really liking it.
It’s tough to dry out food if you cover things properly and now that I
have a toaster oven those crispy brown finishing touches take literally
seconds. I roasted a chicken last week and was left with both leg-thigh
pieces (my favorite) after an initial dinner. So, finding myself home
alone, I nuked them in a plastic container, and charging the toaster up
to 450 (no broiler setting!) tossed them in for a final 30-45 seconds.
Perfectly crispy skin. I added about a cup of brown rice, from the rice
cooker, and polished off a bottle of Henri Mandois. Good bubbly. I
think good enough to be a separate post.

The Hamilton Beach is not the hottest so far but it’s sparked my
appreciation for the simple toaster oven. You don’t even need the
convection oven part of the deal. As long as you pair it with the micro
you might even be better off.

I can’t wait for leftover pizza.