Bistrot Zinc: My Offal Meal This Past Weekend

January 16 2008 - 8:00 AM

One of my favorite haunts, Bistrot Zinc, changes its core menu once a month.  And with frequent $25 off coupons in the mail I come back quite often..and order the wine.  And appetizers.  And dessert.  And get a good meal for two for $60 after the discount, not including tip.

This month I’m pleased to announce the rognons on the menu, called Rognons de Veau à la Sauce Moutarde.  Not knowing much French I understood veau but had to ask what rognons were, and much to my delight they were…

kidneys.  Veal kidneys! 

Bistrot Zinc’s menu isn’t 100 percent French, but it is close enough
for me.  And on January’s menu the kidneys are served with noodles and
a mustard sauce.  The kidneys were wonderfully cooked and the organy
taste was offset by the mustard in the sauce, which wasn’t too mustardy.

Organ meat doesn’t have widespread appeal, but what a treasure if
you can appeciate them.  Thanks for putting it on the menu guys!

Bistrot Zinc
1131 N. State