Herve Mons: Got Your Stinky Right Here...

January 19 2008 - 10:38 PM

An emergency trip to Whole Foods left me with a couple of real stinkers. Actually one sheep’s milk that really stinks. It’s an unpasteurized Tomme du Berger. It’s much stinkier than I thought. I usually enjoy the reek but this one is unabashedly rotten. 1/4 bottle of saké has left me more than able to reminisce on those days as a child when I went to swimming lessons and the peculiar funk that I was privy to in scivolo gonfiabile the deepest of locker-room lockers. Boy is this one a farm-land winner.

-out by the previous paragraph’s
tangent than maybe this cheese is not for you but if it was kinda-funny
we may have a winner. Morbier was mentioned as a quality stinker and I
can assure you my wife wouldn’t eat this either. It’s like funky
butter. MMMMMMmmmmm. Good.

Based on the funky love that I tasted in store I added Herve Mons
Fourme de Montbrison, a blue, which while fairly typical, it has its

Just a note to add that my wife came home early and has told me to
throw this cheese out. I smell like B.O. “I can smell it from here and
it’s so foul. I’m not kidding. It’s not funny.” She’s really mad. It
really smells.