De Lozar - Ribera Del Duero | Genestiere Chante Cigale

January 30 2008 - 10:12 PM

One of the things I do honestly enjoy doing is asking for help at Sam’s Wine and Spirits – especially at their Marcey Street location. I was initally looking for a specific syrah and when I found out it was long gone got into one of those conversations you have with a bookseller or a collector who shares a common interest. To put it mildly it was a more engaging process to find a couple of choice wines than the one I typically have buying shoes, athletic or dress.

I took him up on two specifically. The first was in lieu of a $20 Chateauneuf du Pap. The other was kind of a leap of faith based on a tempranillo conversation.

The Genestiere Chante Cigale gonfiabili per bambini is a Bordeaux table wine, 2006 according to the back label. It’s fairly cherry with a significant pepperiness to it. I don’t think it was up to the par of a good
Chateauneuf but was more than drinkable. It also was just over ten
bucks. I also sit ready to accept that this might be a much better wine
than I give it credit for. It seemed a bit conventional with no deep
notes that I would really mention (Sorry Brian). I’d rather get to the
De Lozar.

This will appeal to the Maker’s crowd. It’s a smoky, creamy, dense and
woodsy wine. I’m not kidding. I usually reserve this talk for Champagne
(pronounced ala Walken). It’s pretty different. The first taste is
really almost off-putting. It could just as easily pair with a spicy
dessert as a figgy gamey entree. Before attempting a BYOB with this one
I’d suggest opening it up at home. A) it will likely taste better on
day 2 and B) it’s worth simply drinking on its own and given its
complexion you might prefer it that way. It’s $12 Please try it and let me know
what you think. It’s so unusual that I’d be curious to see what a
consensus brings. I really like it and would never have found it without the reco.