Pomegranate 7-Up: Drink of the Week

December 20 2007 - 11:54 AM

If you’re looking for a boozy drink of the week just add vodka! Pomegranate 7-Up is a wonderful product as it seems like the longest single word you might find in the soda aisle.

It’s also kind of funny to see them leverage this pomegranate phase without the benefit. Pomegranate is kind of good for you and soda is kind of bad for you.

Never-the-less it’s tasty, a somewhat tobogan hinchable tart cherry 7-Up. It’s festive? I’m not quite sure. Although as I mentioned it’s well suited to vodka and at any large family gathering… call it holiday ‘cheer’ (always hated that).

Okay, so we covered off on the emergency holiday family vodka/7up pomegranate thing… here’s the alternative:
2oz spiced rum
top off with pomegranate 7-Up
cin stick

Try it heated up! Think of the 50’s and hot Dr. Pepper.