Northside Chinese Delivery

December 17 2007 - 8:29 AM

It’s ridiculous. It makes me angry. At least 4 times over the past 6 months I’ve tried a new Chinese restaurant for delivery. This time Pekin House after hearing from different people about their awesome egg rolls. I tried those as well as the hot and sour soup, kung pao chicken and schechuan shrimp. It was not good. The shrimp dish is not going to get eaten it’s nothing but 5 shrimp in a dish of onions and a few huge green peppers and is unlike any Schezuan dish I’ve ever had. The kung pao chicken is entirely flavorless very much like gonfiabili per bambini chop-suey in arrangement but literally flavorless. Both had a large amount of corn starchy jelliness to them.
So I’m adding them to the long list of places that might not have all been bad but aren’t going to be my “go-to place.”

I’ve tried Young’s, Hunan Palace (under both managements, Yu Shan, Mei
Shung, and many others. So far nothing doing. The best places I can
think of are Yen’s on Clark but they don’t deliver to my area, Orange
Garden on Irving Park but they don’t deliver at all, and I think it’s
Lotus Brasserie on Lake Cook Road – especially for the crispy orange
beef. MMMM. That’s good squishy.

If ANYONE knows of a good Chinese place that delivers on the far north side please let me know.