Jamón Ibérico: Found You Some

December 15 2007 - 4:19 PM

Brian wrote about his penchant for Jamon Iberico after some time in Madrid.

Unlike pink prosciutto jamón Ibérico is blood red, more chewy, and has
a complex taste and texture.  Many of the tapas bars (which in Spain
look nothing like Ba-Ba-Ree-Ba and instead are bars that serve a few
basic snacks and sometimes meals) have a leg of ham hanging on a hook
out in the open where someone can ask for a few slices.

It looks like his prayers are answered.

The NYT article informs us to expect them soon.  Jamon
Iberico, Pata Negra, Iberico Ham, whatever you call it (there might be
some variation there, Brian?), Mike Sula at the Reader’s food blog details as to where and when, any day now (and if there are no other takers, I’ll grab a slice with you!):

Today Ravenswood importer Solex 
received the first 20 in the midwest, and tomorrow founder Guillermo
Trias will distribute most of them to 13 buyers who reserved in
advance. He’ll have a group of flamenco dancers and a dozen bottles of
sherry on hand, and will be filming the festivities for Spanish TV,
where this is a national story.

A whole ham retails for about $1,000; you can buy a taste at Sam’s,
Pastoral, Schaefer’s, Carnivale, Naha, NoMi, Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba, Cafe
Iberico, 1492 Tapas Bar, or Wave.