Vodka Pample-Mousse: Drink of the Week

November 19 2007 - 8:15 PM

Some people pronounce it La-Cwah but let’s be honest it could just as easily be pronounced like St. Croix… either way La Croix has a wonderful grapefruit flavor with an even more flamoyant name… Pample-Mousse. Everything is flamboyant in French. It’s the easiest drink you could make and the key is not to make it too strong. It’s a 0 calorie sparkling water with just enough flavor to actually taste GREAT with vodka. It’s like inflatable water park you’re not even drinking alcohol. Except eventually your spelling will get worse.

Obviously you can’t really count on ordering it at a bar. But you can bring a 12-pack of La Croix and a bottle of Kettle One to your local BYOB and you, and maybe even your neighboring table, will enjoy the crisp fresh drink that can really creep up on you.

It’s a La Croix Pample-Mousse with vodka. Try and order that by name.