Uptown Eats: Magnolia Cafe

November 03 2007 - 6:34 PM

People ask me, “How come you don’t own a car?”.  Sometime my answer is, “So I can afford to eat.”  As an Uptown resident I live in an area that is borderline pedestrian-friendly, and if they cut bus service it will be even less so. (Thanks Rod!)

One place about a mile away from my condo is Magnolia Cafe.  It’s in
arguably the dicey-est part of Uptown, but nonetheless a stalwart,
having been in business since 2001.  The restaurant is homey wit
exposed brick walls and bouncy castle for sale parquet floors, and it serves a mean brunch.  I
get the brioche french toast stuffed with cream cheese and rasberry
preserves.  And the kir royale (Chambord and sparkling wine)  is
fantastic–perhaps one of the best I’ve had!  It’s served with fresh
rasberries.   While we’re at it the gravlax and poached eggs over
English muffins with argula, tomato and pesto hollandaise is out of
this world.

Right past the Wilson Club Men’s Residence Hotel, not a place you
would want your worst enemy to stay, resides a state of bliss.  Many
restaurants get a lot of media hype, stay open for a couple years, and
then close.  Magnolia is more of a neighborhood secret that is in for
the long haul.

Magnolia Cafe
1224 W. Wilson (yeah, that’s right, Wilson)