The Langostino Battle Continues at Long John Silvers

November 13 2007 - 3:58 PM

LangosignEspecially in Maine this has been a moderately big deal with politicians and industry people all taking a stand on how to talk about Langostino.

While it starts with an L it’s not really Lobster – even though it tastes more like lobster than shrimp – and costs more like lobster than shrimp. The fallout seems to be that they now refer to the Long John Silver’s Lobster Bites “with real Langostino
Lobster Tail.” If that tobogan hinchable doesn’t clarify the issue, I don’t know what does.

Langostino apparantly is more of a crab than a lobster… even
though it looks more like a lobster than a crab (and as I mentioned
costs more like a lobster than a shrimp). Calling it a “langostino
lobster” makes me think of a region versus a tiny pseudo-lobster. I
wonder how the focus groups handled it.

The upshot is that Langostinos are really tasty and these lobster
bites sure are too. As I’m trying to eat better I’m forgoing them for
now but that’s likely because I just had them last week. They’re good
and they’re back!