Portugese restaurants

November 26 2007 - 12:56 PM

I’ve never been to Portugal but I’ve had a lingering curiosity about Portugese food.  I looked up the number of Portugese restaurants in Chicago and found none.   There are even Swedish restaurants, and I found one place that claims to be Danish, so what gives?  Portugal shares some of the southern European culinary traditions of its neighbors.   Spain and Portugal, for various reasons, tend to take a back seat to Italy and France.

So I was intrigued to find a Portugese restaurant walking down the
street in New York’s Greenwich Village. Alfama was the name, and they
served a mean $25 prix-fixe menu.  For a starter I had the Tábua do Fumeiro, an interesting assortment of Portugese sausages and olives. My wife’s caldo verde, a soup of chourico with potatoes and collard greens, had nice mild spice hints.  The main course was an irresistably creamy salt cod and shrimp casserole starter called Bacalhau Espiritual.  Spirtual it was!    My wife’s Serradura dessert was especially a treat, a sweet cream mousse layered with "Bolacha Maria" crumble.

Overall, very pleasant.  I looked at Village
Voice’s website and was surprised to only find three Portugese
restaurants in New York.  Not sure why, but after this meal I thought
it was a shame.

551 Hudson Street
New York City