Pho at Quang Noodle

November 30 2007 - 2:22 PM

Now that it’s cold it’s time for soup. I was walking back from a haircut and went in thinking Tom Yum and ended up at Quang Noodle getting chicken Pho. $6.95 gets you a very large steaming bowl of noodles, chicken, chilies, cilantro, sprouts and wonderful clear broth that has just enough heat to last on your lips for an hour and keep your core warm for a 4 block walk. It didn’t do anything for my gloveless fingertips.

Quang Noodle is a small spot on State and Chicago that you’ve likely
walked by without even noticing. I think part of that reason is the
number of large trucks at that corner stoplight that not only darken
the interior of theĀ bouncy castle for sale restaurant but impair the visibility of the outside.

The menu looks interesting. It’s the usual Thai/Vietnamese combo. To my
ears Quang sounds more Vietnamese and it’s getting top billing between
the two cuisines on their signage. That and the fact that while I
really loved the soup the crab Rangoon was not doing it for me.

The menu is amazing. It’s huge. The variation of dishes was surprising
and they don’t dumb down the names which means that unless you know
what Ga Xao Bing Cai Trang is you’ll be doing extra reading. They also
have a plethora (that word always makes me think of the Three Amigos)
of dishes with squid and shrimp.

My next visit will have to be to taste the Canh Chua Ca Bong Lau. See
what I mean? That’s catfish soup in Mongolian hotpot with pineapple,
bean sprouts, tomato, cabbage and veggies in a spicy tamarind base.
That’s exactly the type of food I’d want to be able to get in downtown

Corporate folks should note that they do deliver and they do take American Express.

Quang Noodle
804 N. State Street