Drink of the Week... Drysack Medium Sherry

November 08 2007 - 7:18 PM

Wow. Like the Madras wasn’t girly enough. If there’s any consolation it’s that I’m watching hockey while drinking my sherry. To make it even better it’s the Flyer’s game. Looking to see which Flyer will get fined and suspended for another illegal hit. In short, it’s a far-cry from the Niles Crane sherry-drinking-type thing.

For the casual sherry drinking you can get a Bristol Cream or Drysack
easily enough at the grocery. I’d say a bottle of Drysack is the
optimum cooking sherry as it’s quite a nice nip while cooking. (I have
short-ribs braising right gonfiabili per bambini now and the garlic and rosemary in my
apartment is nearly driving me nuts). I actually threw my back out in
my sleep last night so I’m enjoying not only this sherry but finished
off a bottle of Sho Chiku Bai earlier and my back still is bugging me.
The Sho Chiku is well suited for saki-tinis but I guess I’ll get to
that next week.

The Drysack is very fortified. It’s stout and almost malty without
losing the fruit. I actually am quite surprised at how much I enjoy it.
I’ve always preferred a sherry to a port and this almost reminds me of
a nice tawny port. I guess I’m due to try a few more sherries to figure
them out. I like the rich creamy fruitiness and can readily see this
before or after any meal… likely after.

A lime and rocks was recommended as I have no lime I can only imagine
what that’s like. It’s really not something I’d think to do on my own
so I guess as soon as I have a lime, I’ll try it. If it’s anything to
write about, I will.