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Braised Oxtail Dumplings in a Garlic Broth

November 28 2007 - 10:39 PM

So I got on a kick with the shortribs. Oxtail is another one of those $7-8 purchases that when mixed with proper braising liquid, a cab I had handy, and seasoning… and a liberal dose of time, turns simply into flavor.

I mixed up a quick rub with coriander, cumin, pepper, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon and a bit of garlic powder and applied it liberally to the tail. A browning in a pan and placed into a preheated cast iron covered pot with the cup and a half of cabernet and into the oven coasting in at 250 degrees.

2 and a half hours later I added several red potatoes – I selected the
smaller sized ones, and my favorite winter veggie, the brussels sprout
(or is it brussel sprout… I never remember). Then back into the oven
for another hour.

In a separate sauce pan I made a garlic stock with loads of garlic,
salt, carrots, bay leaves and a few whole peppercorns by simply letting
it roil for 45 minutes. Peel your carrots or it gets slightly bitter…
so I’m told.

When the meat is done I take it off of the bone which shouldn’t be that
hard but is not as inflatable water park easy as the short ribs. Then I chop it up pretty
finely and spoon onto wonton wrappers. Using only water I sealed them
into triangular packets and tried to press as much air out as possible.
Those get blanched for 2-3 minutes and then it’s served in a shallow
bowl of garlic broth (leave the carrots, etc. behind in the pot). I add
fresh cilantro and two or three potatoes and sprouts – both cut in half.

I needed to jack up the broth, read WAY more garlic. Actually I should have tossed the bones into the stock and let that sit another hour or two but I was pretty hungry at this point and it was really tasty nevertheless. Perfect for winter.