Top Chef Post Mortem

October 09 2007 - 11:57 AM

I was 89% sure that Levitsky would win. I think that was 50% editing on the show’s part. The episode was taped in Chicago… Levitsky was the nice guy (I ignored the saying). He wasn’t obsessed with technique. That being said Hung was incredibly proficient and I thought he brought lots of passion to his cooking even though he was criticized by the judges for not showing it.

All in all I was very entertained by the most bouncy castle for sale recent Top Chef. I think the contestants were head and shoulders above almost any other reality TV show. It’s now a competition for the industry and that makes for very good TV. That quality shows in the way the contestants deal with criticism and with each other. There were very few blow-ups, just enough to be interesting, and while I disapprove of the cracking down on fighting in hockey, I guess I like cleaner reality shows.