Marlin Steak with Parsnip Puree...

September 25 2007 - 5:55 AM

Fish has been working for me lately. I did a seared mahi-mahi a few weeks ago and while I loved it my wife wanted fish that was cooked more… she also isn’t too crazy about wilted spinach. Her loss. This time she was much happier and honestly it took me half an hour after a long day at the office. Sandra Lee, eat your heart out.

The first thing to do is peel your $0.99 cent parsnip and peel a yellow onion. With a bouncy castle bit of salt and a touch of butter/olive oil, saute them both. As they wilt touch it with a decent splash of some cheapo Chuck’s Chardonnay. Crack some pepper and let it cook. When it’s a bit brown and the onion is thoroghly cooked turn the fire off and dump the pan into your food processor. Before you continue chop the bottoms off your asparagus and throw away. Chop the bottom 1/4 off of what’s left and chop up drop into recently vacated pan. Cook the chopped ends in the saute pan and pop the remaining tall asparagus tops into a tall pan and blanch.


Returning to your processor. Turn it on and puree. Add a couple of
tablespoons of olive oil to lubricate. If you need more liquid add
tablespoons of water. It shouldn’t take too many. Run it through a
strainer and reserve. Make sure you’re not overcooking the asparagus tips.

Rinse your processor and add the cooked chopped asparagus ends. Puree. Add a
splash of milk and 1/4 stick of butter (dirty secret – use olive oil if
you want). It should be fairly watery. Add 2 stalks of green onion
straight into the processor (trim the tips). Strain well and return to
saute pan. Cook down for 15 minutes. From here I poured it into my ISI
whipper and frothed it up. It’s not necessary. If you don’t want/have
it reduce down to thicken more watching that the butter/milk doesn’t

Rinse all the salt off and dry the marlin. In a pan with oil
sear on one side. Splash some chardonnay to help release and flip fish
over. Drop a sprig or two of dill on the fish into the chardonnay. Cook
just barely through and plate. If you structure gonflable are doing the dumb-foam thing
(don’t be too embarassed) foam it into a separate bowl and spoon over
your plate. You run a distinct risk of blasting your food across your
plate otherwise. Add the cooked asparagus tips and you’re in business.

Good luck! The parsnip puree should bring a cooked tasty onion flavor
and contrast it with the raw green onion in the asparagus foam (you
strain most of the onion out). The dill and white wine flavors of the
fish should all work out. Hey my wife loved it.

Hope this makes sense and works for you.