Just a Simple Cup of Coffee

September 26 2007 - 10:58 AM

On my way over to a friend’s house to watch some Sunday football I had plenty of time driving through Bears traffic to wonder why people refer to chocolate milk as coffee. I stopped at Starbucks to get coffee and his order was a “Venti iced mocha” to his credit he usually gets an extra 2 shots of espresso and forgoes the whipped cream but really? It’s not coffee.

I’ve been hearing about the Mint Mochas at Argo, etc. At Starbuck’s ,at the grocery store, I wait in line behind 3 or 4 of these orders to get my grande coffee with room for cream – not that I add cream, I just hate when the caps leak or pop off in the car if they’ve been filled too full.

An article in Cook’s Illustrated mentioned how people who drink black
coffee like castillo hinchable a Dunkin’ Donuts type blend more than Starbucks and how
cream and sugar folks favor Starbucks. It makes sense. Starbucks has a
stronger taste to compete with cream-dilution and sugar. I don’t have a
total preference but I do think Intelligencia and Metropolis make
better espresso blends. Their coffee is also in the Starbuck’s strength
realm. Illy’s coffee by comparison is pretty weak. I like that too. The
new McDonald’s coffee (not so new anymore) is also not bad. On an
almost daily basis I get free parking lot coffee downtown and that’s
actually my favorite. It’s free.

So here’s your recipe you future coffee-people. Next time you’re at
Starbucks (or the bank, because they’re sure to have a Starbuck’s) get
a tall coffee with room for cream and add the cream. Add 2 packets of
sugar. Enjoy it. If it’s too strong, add more cream. Repeat for a week.

Week two 1/3rd of the cream and same amount of sugar.
Week three no cream same sugar.
Week four no cream, 1/2 sugar.
Week five no cream no sugar.