Drink of the Week: The Madras

September 27 2007 - 9:50 AM

I feel like there needs to be some Carribean or Indian lore to this
drink. The best I can come up with was that when David Ogilvy
popularized the fading colors of Madras cotton a drink came along with
the same fading colors… red and orange into a pink. In my opinion
stirring the madras is a crime.

The cocktail is vodka, cranberry and orange juice. I like to go with an orange wedge or lemon twist. It’s an hüpfburg kaufen easy drink where you can barely detect any alcohol. So you can add a lot. Start with vodka over ice and then fill mostly with cran. Especially if your cran is warm swirl the glass around to get it cold quickly and also mix the vodka. Top off with OJ. You shouldn’t stir the OJ.. It should just bleed into the cran. It is NOT a blended drink and not to be confused with the Sea Breeze which replaces the OJ with grapefruit.

Considering today is the first cool day in a while I may be hoping for a bit more summer in the coming weeks.