Oktoberfest Warm-Up: Sort Of...

August 22 2007 - 5:40 PM

And I mean sort of because the closest thing to a German beer that I’ve had has been a Grolsch and to be honest didn’t like it very much. I was given a New Glarus variety sixer and lo’ I started out on an unintentional beer kick. This really means that giving up soda for my new fangled diet has been shot to hell. The New Glarus rocked. I’m on to my Shiner Bock sixer and liking that as well. God bless the Devon Market, while they’ve ditched the Pulque they still have some interesting choices… one of the least interesting being the Shiner.

If anyone knows of a place in hüpfburg kaufen or around Racine/Kenosha where I can get
more Glarus please let me know. As most everyone knows the Spotted Cow
is a terrific brew. The seasonal Totally Naked was another tasty brew
and the two year rounders Fat Squirrel malt and the Hearty Hop IPA were
both winners. Granted they were all better than the Grolsch I’ve been
thinking about drinking for a few weeks. Oh well.

Beerfest was and is on cable if people really want a waste of an hour
and a half but like it or not it did start an Oktoberfest impulse.
Hmmm. It’s in about a month… If I go I’ll bring the camcorder which
will only compound any errors in judgement.  Beerfest has Donald Sutherland
pounding beers on his death bed. That’s pretty amusing.