Bacardi Silver Mojito in a Bottle – Drink of the Week

August 05 2007 - 4:58 PM

MojitobotChicago is a test market for this new drink. A quick look around and you can find them even though it’s easier to find billboards for them.

You’d never guess that Bacardi is attempting to jump on another bandwagon… this time it’s the Mojito. A very tasty and potentially very boozy rum cocktail with fresh mashed mint, lime juice and sugar.

The trick to a good Mojito is lots of mint and lime juice. I prefer not to add the lime wedges even as I find that the zest bouncy castle puts me off. I like raw sugar rather than powdered but I also enjoy the granules. That’s just me.

I have a friend who makes a real tasty version with Fresca and to a
man people love them. I find them a bit pseudo-sugary and can’t shake
the diet soda aftertaste. I like more sugar and club soda.

Wonder how the malt beverage version tastes?

Well considering there’s no mint leaf, no rum even, I can’t expect
to really want one. It’s like any Bacardi malt beverage. They’re easy
to make – you pop the cap off but for the price of a case you can buy
some club soda, mint, sugar and rum and do it properly.

I enjoy them but I also enjoy Pimm’s Cups, shandies, Bloody Maries and Zima.