The Dog (Food Network) and Pony (BRAVO) Show Continues

July 22 2007 - 9:42 PM

Is The Next Food Network Star going to be Rory or Amy? They’ve got Emeril giving away a Mercury family truckster to the "Next Food Network Star." Flay is handing the envelope to Emeril. Longest drumroll ever… The self-serving quality is numbing. They keep asking the two finalists for comments. They keep giving the same responses.

It’s the only show where all of the contestants tried to do well without any of the back and forth you see in Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, etc. And the winner was…. do you really care?

< –––  The one without the hat.

This season’s Top Chef has fairly little drama. Hung is the only
back-stabbing egotistical contestant and while it’s really ridiculous
when you think of it, especially since he’s friends with last season’s backstabbing, egotistical
Marcel, it does make for good TV. I was a bit surprised that they voted
the Executive Sous chef from Jean Georges off especially when someone made
guacamole as an entree. My wife makes guac. Come to think of it,
everyone I know makes a pretty good guacamole. If she doubled the
scallops and left the avocado cubed the dish would still suck. I am
really surprised at how safe all these dishes seem. This time around
they have actual chefs with real chops and for some reason the food on
the "Next Food Network Star" seems on the same level.

I have been addicted to the BBCAmerica’s Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares
and Ramsay’s Boiling Point. I don’t know why. I do know that that guy
is a loud mean pain in everyone’s ass and while I don’t know if it’s
for the camera or not I do see him scrubbing old deep fryers in seaside
restaurants, bitching the whole time. That and he happens to be right
about everything. But I guess that might be the editing.

Oh yeah, Amy won…