Sura – Space-Age Thai Tapas

July 16 2007 - 4:02 PM

Just next door to the Bamee Noodle shop (where you can get bang-up udon noodles btw) is the new trendy face of Lakeview, just south of Boystown. They’re serving food on the weekends until midnight? 2am? I’m not sure how late but late… The interior is all white and very modern circa 1977… so it’s retro-modern? Saarinen-type stuff. There’s a digital DJ turntable rig. The room was fairly cold (chilly) and the club music was playing. Waiters were plentiful (no waitresses).

I was really worried that this place was style over substance. I bet myself that the website surely played music… check and find out.

The menu looked good. It’s tapas style so you are encouraged to
order smaller dishes and truth be told I prefer it. The portion size
frankly was generous. I was very surprised at the distinct flavors of
the different dishes and at how well they worked together. The ebi and
crab croquette was very good. The grilled calamari has a wonderful
sauce at the bottom of the glass. Make sure you stir it up. We ate 90%
of the dish without it. We ate duck, chicken and veggie dishes and they
all were quite nice. If you’re not into the mod scene you will make do
with some good food. If you like a bit of a scene you’ll be thrilled,
especially since the food is pretty cheap and the place doesn’t get
going until after 10pm.

3124 N. Broadway