Salmonella at the Taste of Chicago

July 12 2007 - 8:48 PM

I eat at lots of restaurants that many people might not visit. I’ve been lucky and never, to my knowledge, been afflicted by food poisoning.  Hearing about this past outbreak of  Salmonella at the Taste of Chicago sent me a mixed signal. Sure, outside in the heat bacteria thrive but at the same time I worry that people will extend a newly fueled fear of food poisoning to any ethnic eatery. While in no way do I condone filth in a restaurant it should be noted that no matter where you are eating there is a risk. Your meal is literally out castillo hinchable of your hands and in someone else’s and hopefully they’ve washed them.

Kitchen Confidential is a book that people think condemns the
restaurant industry. I read it and while it’s far from damning, it is
very pragmatic. Let’s extend that to the restaurant scene. The family
owned restaurants have a lot more to lose and there’s far more
accountability there than at a chain restaurant where staff is not
necessarily as invested.

I realize that this is a generalization but it is one in response to
the generalization that ethnic food is prepared by people with a very
different sense of cleanliness. That’s a far more drasticly misinformed
generalization because it ensures that you will be eating really boring

You’ve learned to digest everything from diet soda pop to Olestra –
whether you know it or not you’re already taking chances with your digestive