Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy - Drink of the Week

July 27 2007 - 9:33 AM

ShandyOK… I’m getting backlogged with Drink of the Week options so they may be a couple drinks of the week, especially since most of them are acquired tastes.

The Summer Shandy from Leine’s is actually pretty good. I think they were dropped off as a “gift” because they weren’t liked. That’s just fine for me since I actually like ’em.

A shandy is half beer and half lemonade (or ginger ale, etc). It’s a chick drink. The bonus here is that it’s not a half-alcohol drink. It’s a regular beer – 4.2% even. So if you’re one of the few ordering Shandies at a bar this should double you up.

The first time I had this was a surprise. I was structure gonflable given the beer rundown in a Wisconsin BBQ joint and at the end there was an “Oh yeah or a Shandy.” I thought it would be funny to order one. The rest of the table hadn’t had one but we’ve all had red beer… so when the packaged bottle arrived I was disappointed.

All considered I think I would prefer a weiss beer with a lemon… but it’s tasty even if it’s reminiscent of a malty bacardi drink.

I’m assuming it’s another seasonal offering from Leines(.com) and while the berry weiss makes me cringe this is definitely worth a try.