The Bacon Air Freshener

July 24 2007 - 9:31 PM

BaconJust when you were getting sick of French Vanilla the McPhee company is selling a car air freshener that smells like bacon. I see the uses now. On the school bus, in taxis, carpooling with vegetarians.

I’d go as far as saying that there’s nothing bacon can’t make better… Bacon Ice Cream? I’d try it. And now we can enjoy the wafting fresh fragrance of bacon coming out of your 1987 Chrysler LeBaron.

Mmmmm. That’s not the car engine.

This unlikely Bacon Air Freshener is the perfect way to brighten any
carnivore’s day. Put one up in the family room and everyone will have a
sudden craving for a BLT. Each has a handy string for hanging and
measures about 4" tall.