Radish Sandwiches and Lemonade: Light as a Summer Breeze

June 18 2007 - 8:55 AM

Lets face it, its hot out there.
And in here, too, if you are like me and without air conditioning. This is no time for hot food. You need something light and cool and easy to make, because you definitely don’t want to be moving around to much. I offer a solution: radish sandwiches and concentrated lemonade.

For just a buck or two, you can pick up a bundle of radishes at your
local grocery, then all you need is a little bread and butter and
you’re halfway there. Butter the bread, wash the radishes and slice
them into thin(ish) strips and slap them down on the bread. Voila!

I’ve discovered that the perfect beverage to wash down
such a sandwich is that can of concentrated Minute Maid lemonade you
find at the store. It isn’t gourmet, but it is delicious and fun to
make.  I mean, its a giant lemonade ice cube! There’s just
something psychologically satisfying about that. You pop it into a
pitcher, add a bunch of water and you’ve got instant refreshment.

Stay cool, people!