Le Bouchon: As close as it gets to the real thing

June 06 2007 - 12:16 PM

A bouchon is a cozy, often family-run unpretentious restaurant in Lyon, France, specializing in Lyonnaise dishes, such as tablier de sapuer (breaded, fried stomach) and boudin noir aux pommes (blood sausage with apples).  Not for the faint of heart, if you do like this type of thing you will not be disappointed.  Le Bouchon in Bucktown offers food for those really craving authentic French cooking, and the menu isn’t entirely watered-down.   With items on the menu like “Rognons de Veau à la Moutarde”, which is veal castillo hinchable kidneys with mustard sauce, it certainly sets the tone for people like me who don’t have hangups about baby animals or exotic organs.

For an appetizer, we split Salade Frommage de Chevre
Chaud (Warm Goat Cheese Salad).  The greens were flavorful and lightly
drizzled with olive oil, and the lightly-browned goat cheese was the
perfect compliment.
For the main course I picked a special of veal
sweetbreads, which were tender and wonderfully cooked.  We also
ordered Poulet aux Grain aux Gousses d’Ail (the chicken) with Galette
de Pommes de Terre (potato galettes), and it was good.   Le Bouchon is
known for its chicken and it was tender, juicy free-range chicken
bursting with flavor.  My glass of Cotes du Rhone was nothing
spectacular but was well suited.

In sum there are a few good French restaurants that I love visiting,
but this place wowed me without trying too hard to be French.

Le Bouchon
1958 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60647