Everyday Thai

June 05 2007 - 8:49 PM

I love Thai food, and Chicago is a great city for it.  There are at least 4 Thai restaurants in a 3 block radius by my house in Edgewater and I frequent every one of them, they all do it a little differently so it’s never the same dish twice.

So when Everyday Thai opened (2 months ago) up on Devon I was definitely eager to try it.  The restaurant was spacious and clean, serving lunch, dinner and delivery until 10pm. The menu had all of the Thai dishes you would expect, nothing new or out of the ordinary, which is OK since there are places down the street like Blue Elephant (also on Devon) that are a little more adventurous. 

The menu is like the name infers – everyday type Thai.  The two
items on the menu that make or break a good Thai place for me are the
1) Crab Rangoon and 2) Panang Curry.  If a Thai restaurant doesn’t have
Crab Rangoon, I walk.  Everyday Thai does serve it but unfortunately,
the appetizer would completely break my diet so I decided to go without
and jump ahead to the Panang Curry (which technically also breaks my
diet but oh well). 

I consider myself a Panang expert.  I’ve tasted it in pretty much
every Thai restaurant in town – its my dish.  I’ve seen a lot of
variations, some with more peanut flavor than others, which can be
enjoyable but it is not the panang I crave.  The panang I crave is
spicy but not overwhelmingly so.  It is also slightly sweet with a thin
sauce served in a large bowl you can soak your rice in (yeah, the diet
is completely shot).  Everyday Thai did not disappoint.  The Panang hit
all the right buttons. 

My companion ordered Basil Tofu, which was also done perfectly.  The
Tofu was served in large, firm pieces that were delicately fried, not
mushy.  The sauce was fragrant with the perfect amount of spiciness to
it.  To complete the meal we ordered the Mango Sticky Rice, which is a
seasonal dessert and one of my favorites (Thai Pastry on Broadway will
sometimes throw this in for free when you order delivery).  Again, we
were not disappointed.  The sticky rice with coconut cream goes
perfectly with the sweet mango.  A great way to end any meal. 

I’m definitely looking forward to going back since Everyday Thai
passed the Panang Curry challenge.  We’ll have to see next time if the
Crab Rangoon holds up as well.

As mentioned above, after having a great meal at Everyday Thai I was looking forward to going again to try the Crab Rangoon – which I had previously skipped.  It was with much anticipation that I ordered this dish since for me, this makes or breaks a good Thai restuarant.  Unfortunatley, I was extremely dissappointed.  The Crab Rangoon were probably the worst I’ve every had.  The Won Ton was not fried golden brown but had more of a card board taste and texture, like something that has been in the freezer too long.  The cream cheese filling was lifeless and the sweet and sour dipping sauce was neither sweet nor sour.  I have found the food to be consistantly enjoyable but the Crab Rangoon didn’t make the cut.

Everyday Thai
1509 W. Devon Ave.