Cicada Tasting?

June 12 2007 - 12:23 PM

I just watched the video from ABC7 about the Oak Park folks and their cicada tasting…
Granted it’s from a few weeks ago but the bugs haven’t been top of mind. I have yet to see, or hear, a single cicada. Living in the city has its benefits I guess.

Are there people really eating these things? Having them described as peanut-buttery makes me kind of queasy. If you make it through that video you’ll see the cicada cocktail. Wow. That’s unappealing.
As far as I know a grasshopper is a nice dessert drink with absolutely no grasshopper in it. The cloudy martini with a bug floating in it really doesn’t do bouncy castle the trick. Maybe I’m not so adventurous. I guess I’m saving it for when I’m in Nepal and eating with the locals… not in Oak Park.