Braised Pork Belly - La Noisette

June 20 2007 - 8:30 AM

BraiseI know… Gordon Ramsay this Gordon Ramsay that but last January I enjoyed the tasting menu at La Noisette which, while a Ramsay restaurant, is the stage for New York chef Bjorn Van der Horst who came from Picholine. An empty restaurant was confused by us as an iffy restaurant. It was in reality a new restaurant and in the subsequent months I’ve been hearing about it little by little. It was fabulous.

Being the only people in the place for a half bouncy castle for sale an hour was kind of nice but it filled up. As London restaurants go the pricing was good and the courses, preparation and flavors were spectacular. You’re looking at the braised pork belly that was wonderful. The trouble with these tasting menus is that there’s so much work and detail in every course that it’s tough to keep them straight.

Memory serves that the salty meat was mellowed by a watercress volute and the crunch of the nuts
meshed with the salty and crunch of the pork sear.