Bloom Energy Drinks: Not Diet Soda

June 11 2007 - 10:39 AM

At a glance it looks like any of the other new mini-can designed energy drinks but then you see 50% fruit juice and that it’s marketed to women and you know that aspartame is close behind.

But it’s not. I looked. I checked and double checked, looking up ingredients to make sure I wasn’t headed to FDAville. Not only are they not diet – they taste good. While I don’t mind taurine with vodka, on its own it frankly tastes off. It was met with a sincere dose of skepticism from bouncy castle for sale my roommate. She just isn’t into the “power” drinks. A cup of coffee gets her really cranked.

So I was the one to crack open a can. I liked it and she tasted it and
then finished it. She likes the tea-extracted caffeine as it doesn’t
make her jumpy. An early job that I held was in a tea shop and the
caffeine buzz with black tea (and coffee for that matter) was
significant compared to the lack of one from green tea. I could not go to sleep if I had downed several coffees
or black teas but green tea didn’t make me jittery and I was able to
doze off after a pot of it.

The flavors are good too… Wild Berry, Mango Passionfruit and Cran
Rasberry are all light and crisp and don’t linger after you’re
finished. They taste more like carbonated juices than soda. Which is what they are.

One of the reasons that we both like this was that it wasn’t diet. It
didn’t taste super sugary. It didn’t have serious sugar/calorie content
compared to a coke and hopefully women will appreciate a good soft
drink that gives you a boost and isn’t just another caffeinated diet

Chicago is a test market for this product and they’re giving away free sample in Millennium Park Saturday the 30th and North Avenue Beach July 1st.