Sweet Maple Cafe: Best Omelette, Hands Down

June 13 2007 - 11:48 AM

In the mood for some good breakfast eats?  Sweet Maple Cafe will cure that hangover and then some.  This southern style breakfast/brunch nook located in the UIC neighborhood on Taylor Street will win you over once you sit down and sample the goods.  The small space is not conducive to those who wait–and most 365toy likely you will wait, but when you are among the chosen…to sit down and peruse the menu, all of those negative vibes you felt when you awkwardly stood pressed between the wall, door, or tables disappear!

For starters, Seattle’s Best Coffee–good choice in my book.  You
can’t go wrong with Seattle’s Best (or Intelligentsia).  One of my
friends ordered a cafe mocha but received a hot chocolate instead.  As
we all sampled her drink in an effort to determine that the beverage
was indeed sans cafe, we agreed that it is among the best hot
chocolates we’d ever sampled.  She decided to forgo the cafe after-all!

So, the skinny on the food is this:  you will love, LOVE the food,
but you won’t walk away feeling so cute.  My friend who ordered the
cafe mocha continued giochi gonfiabili down the path-o-sweets with French toast.  The
French toast was quite excellent, but it did not make me regret my
order.  I heard Mr. Omelette Man calling my name.  To be exact, he was
the tomato, basil, and fontina omelette.  I have to say that I am not a
huge fan of breakfast food, but this omelette was amazing.  A perfect
10 for fluffy factor.  It was buttery, without being greasy or oily.
The basil was fresh, tomatoes were perfectly ripe and plentiful, and
the cheese…well, who doesn’t love the yummy goodness of melted
cheese, especially fontina?  The omelette could have been enough food,
but it’s so hard to resist a homemade buttermilk biscuit.  This biscuit
was warm, moist, buttery, and monstrous in size.  The homestyle
potatoes were also perfectly delectable–seasoning was the perfect
combo of salt, pepper, and onions, but I could scarcely squeeze more
than a couple of bites down.  I couldn’t bear to leave any part of my
omelette behind, so the potatoes had to stay.

Sweet Maple Cafe
1339 W. Taylor
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