Fat Willy's... Texas Warm-Up

May 22 2007 - 10:31 PM

The waitress reminds us that the brisket was mentioned on “Check Please.” There’s a fan-base for their 4-cheese macaroni. Fat Willy’s is a go-to place for lots of folks. I should inflatable water slide have written this before going to Texas but it might make a bolder statement now that I’ve been to a couple Lone Star eateries. The brisket is really good.

I had to order two sandwich plates. A big problem is that you can’t get a meat assortment. I’ve heard that they serve a mean bird but I didn’t want to toss all the extra bread, fries, cole slaw, etc. To order just the meat you have to order a huge portion – it’s crazy.

The slaw and the fries are both pretty tasty. The vinegar slaw has a
good amount of lube and is pretty tart. The fries are puffy and crispy.
It’s all good.

The pork was moist and shredded but there wasn’t enough crackly-good
crisy outside. The flavor was good and it very smokey. Maybe too smokey
but I liked it.

The brisket is the bomb. It has a light sweetness to it, plenty of
smoke and bits of crispy castelo inflavel minging in the falling apart meat. It might be
my favorite so far. Smoque’s brisket has a bit more fat to it and
that’s a welcome addition but Willy’s is plenty juicy, even without the

Fat Willy’s is too much of a restaurant for me. Their food is
great and the location, across from the movies is perfect but my ideal
BBQ joint is very much like Smoque, where the smoker is the
entertainment and you bus your own tables.

Fat Willy’s
2416 W. Schubert