Benefit Dinners = Bang for your Buck

May 28 2007 - 9:21 PM

I think it bears saying that these charity benefit dinners can be a great way to taste fabulous foods and wines from Chicago’s best.

Take Gourmet Magazine’s Wine Cellar event. For $100 you inflatable water slide get to watch Grant Achatz make his apple shots, Rick Bayless makes a mean pork and Sarah Moulton whips up something else that’s awesome. In addition to these demos you can drink an ’85 Cliquot Rosé and an ’88 Cliquot that was awesome, a couple of glasses if you’re quick. I think you’re easily at $100 by now.

On top of all of this you get dishes from Moto, De La Costa, Butter, and more. It’s not fair to mention them all since there’s really not room but where it’s typical to go for a tasting menu and get 12 courses for over $100, here you get multiple tastes of delicious duck, pork, beef, veggies, shrimp and dessert after dessert. Every dish is paired with wines that range from good to stellar. The real benefit of an inflables experience like this is that it goes to a worthy cause, the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

For the Love of Chocolate got you a diabetes-inducing boatload of desserts, not to mention savories as well and chocolate body-paint… hmmm.