Le Colonial: What were we thinking?

April 03 2007 - 9:44 AM

When my fiancee and I took her parents to Le Colonial, the “what were we thinking” had more to do with “Why haven’t we come here more often?” not why would we ever come back.  In this Gold Coast restaurant prices are a bit higher than what you find in the north side neighborhoods, but reasonable for the immediate area and overall, good value for money.  The atmosphere is tropical, bright and bouncy castle for sale airy with white woods and ceiling fans, purportedly to evoke the colonial era.

For our wine we had a crisp, medium-dry, delicious Gruener Veltliner
(an Austrian white), that, at $38 a bottle was good value and went very
well with the meal.

I ordered the  Ca nuong, which was grilled salmon with a superb lime
sauce over vermicelli noodles and served with mesculin and dill.  The
greens were as delicious as the salmon, which was perfectly cooked, not
a hint of dryness and tasted superb with the lime sauce.  The noodles
were a perfect accompanyment.   My fiancee had the ga xao cari, a curry
chicken dish with mango, string beans, and cashew nuts.

Service was superb, professional, and the atmosphere seductively
beyond pleasant.   There apparently is a Le Colonial restaurant in New
York as well as San Francisco, but it certainly bore no resemblance to
any sort of manufactured chain.  We vowed to make this a more regular

Le Colonial
937 N. Rush St.