March 17 2007 - 11:19 AM

This River North Latin-Indian Fusion spot is one restaurant that, when researched, appeared to have received a lot of hype, especially when it first opened in 2004. The outside does not grab your attention, but the inside is an aesthetically artsy mix of black, white, and red. We were in the neighborhood and went there on a whim on a Friday night, and were surprised to discover the place was half-empty. This led us to question if we made the right decision.

Nonetheless we decided to try it out, with both of us especially loving Indian food. We both liked the Indian/Latin inspired cocktails. We also really liked the empanadas, which were  flaky and quite tasty . The ceviche accompanying I was mediocre and rather rubbery. Lamb chops were good but not great. However
we were extremely disappointed with the piquillo peppers served with
paneer (Indian cheese)—we both love Saag Paneer and Palak Paneer, two
popular Indian dishes, and we opined that the dish tasted like
yesterday’s leftover lasagna.  We also had seared scallops with blue corn crust and mild spices—the texture was good but it wasn’t savory and fairly bland.


If Vermilion was a
mid-priced restaurant we might be more forgiving, but it is at the high
end of Latin/Indian restaurants and their dishes should perhaps reflect
it. For innovative Indian, I would suggest going
to Marigold (Broadway north of Lawrence) where not only is the food
more stunning but it’s a lot less pricey.


10 W. Hubbard St.