Urban Tea Lounge: Buying from Pot Pushers

March 27 2007 - 7:39 AM

Urban Tea Lounge is one of those places that, if you walk too fast, you may not know it’s there.  It has a nice bohemian vibe and the people who work there are friendly. The tea jumpers for sale menu is unweildly and give yourself a few minutes to make a decision.  I ordered a Shou Mei, a white tea from the fujian province of China.   White tea has a smooth, mild flavor compared with other types of teas.  Urban Tea Lounge serves coffee, but, well, I would recommend sticking with tea.

The other thing Urban Tea Lounge may not be so well known for is
their sandwiches, and I am particular to their black forest ham
sandwich, served with mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a choice
of white, wheat, or rye.  The portion of meat is enormous, and it is
served with carrots and grapes.  Best of all, sandwiches are $5, and if
you come between 11 and 1 you can get free tea.  Urban Tea Lounge has
good brownies, and mechanical bull for sale though they taste as if they’ve been frozen, are
tasty.  I had a peanut butter brownie today, and it was satisfying.

I suppose you’re wondering about the “Pot pushers” header–you can
buy t-shirts inside that have a picture of a pot with the Urban Tea
Lounge logo and the “pot pushers” slogan.

Urban Tea Lounge

838 W. Montrose