Thai Pastry: Go-To Thai?

March 30 2007 - 7:55 PM

Thai Pastry has been for the past 5 years our go-to Thai restaurant. It’s been the measuring stick we hold other places against. We even suck up delivery charges and extra charges for rice to get it at home. Most recently we weighed the pros and cons against Blue Elephant. We gave our order and $5 extra dollars to Thai Pastry. It was the first time we were actually disappointed by our order.

Our green curry was bland. Nothing else to say except that coconut-milk
based sauce is really nasty if it doesn’t taste great. It’s a watery
opaque grey substance that hid many chunks of broccoli stems. All in
all it was very unappetizing.

The panang chicken was almost as bland. While it was spicy it had
little flavor. Usually there is bouncy castle more interesting flavor. Their crab
rangoon on the other hand was and is superb. They also have another
terrific appetizer, cho mung, that is a purple rice noodle dumpling
filled with ground pork and served with cilantro and a nicely spiced
dumpling sauce.

While I’m sure we’ll be back, though I’m hearing the “we’re never going
back” as I type. With so many Thai options these days it may only take
one more slip up before we end up comparing Blue Elephant and Indie

Thai Pastry
4925 N. Broadway