Smithwick's - Ireland's Oldest Beer

March 15 2007 - 4:53 PM

*I will preface this by saying that I’m not a huge beer guy so feel free to correct, amend and/or elaborate.

I was in Ireland a few years ago and really started to enjoy Smithwick’s (pronounced Smithicks). Consumption of a few of those and a Guinness or several shouldn’t beĀ chateau gonflable dependant on a holiday. I didn’t see much Harp while over there either. Go figure.

Smithwick’s is Ireland’s oldest beer. It’s a red ale that had been brewed in Kilkenny at a brewery owned by John Smithwick from 1710.

Guinness bought them in ’65 and after a brief hiatus Diageo, who now owns
Guinness, has
brought Smithwick’s back to the States. It’s the most
popular non-stout beer in Ireland.

Other interesting options instead of green Miller Light:

Beamish – Stout
Guinness *try the extra stout*
Murphy’s – Stout but they make a red
O’Hara’s – Stout – Black and eastyl only recently available in the states.
Harp – Lager

NOTE: The following are NOT Irish beers:
John Courage – SCOTTISH
Boddington’s – ENGLISH
Sam Smith’s – ENGLISH
London Pride – Duh…
St. Pauli Girl – Go shoot yourself.
many others…