Slurpee Pimp Cup

March 11 2007 - 7:06 PM

Pimpcup1It’s kind of fun looking online at pimp cups but I never get that impulse to actually buy. I think if they were at checkout lines they’d sell like crazy but I don’t know if a middle American shopkeeper would stock “pimp cups.” In any case on another Slurpee run I found something that did give me that impulse… and I did buy it.

No, it’s not another movie tie in Slurpee cup… it’s a big clear sort
of V-shaped plastic cup with a frosty-ice-like 2 inches at the bottom.
It says Slurpee on it. I was interested. Then I realized there was a
button on the bottomĀ giochi gonfiabili and multicolored flashing lights started going
off. It’s a pimp-cup with ground effects. Damn.


A buddy got me a different one that looks more like a cut crystal chalice.

P to the I to the M to the P…