Orange: Pancake Flights

March 13 2007 - 11:11 AM

Orange fits the immediate central Lakeview neighborhood, which consists of several shops leftover from the days when it was perhaps more hippy-dippy brincolin and seedy. During the weekends there typically is a long wait (25 minutes in this case), which gives you the opportunity to smell incense from the headshop next door. The interior of Orange is earthy-crunchy and has a laid back vibe to it.

I ordered the pancake flight, which changes on a weekly basis, and there were four types of pancakes to choose from. The first I tried was the peach…it was just okay. The peaches were like the canned variety and it was with whipped cream and “peach simple syrup”. The second one, which was raisins with whipped sour cream, tasted much better. Third there was an apricot with an orange peel that was savory though syrupy sweet. Ditto for the fourth, which were pecan pancakes with a decadent chocolate and caramel sauce.

We also ordered the green eggs and ham, which was ham and pesto sauce with mozzarella cheese and, of course, eggs. We’ve had this dish before and it’s a worthwhile staple dish on the menu, and once again it met expectations.

Also noteworthy is the bounce house for sale juice bar…similar to ordering sushi at a sushi bar where you pencil in your choices. I chose the orange/pinapple/strawberry combination. .They
also have what they call “frushi”—it’s cute when they show it in front
of you but it didn’t look like something worth jumping at.

Overall, a great experience. Orange
is my third (or fourth) favorite, breakfast place so far, behind Wicker
Park’s Bongo Room, Andersonville’s m. Henry, and just maybe, Uptown’s
Café Magnolia.


3231 N. Clark