Marigold: Nouveau Indian

March 29 2007 - 12:34 AM

Marigold is a celebrated addition to the Northside’s Uptown, and it fills a void of a city craving something different in Indian cuisine (sorry but Vermilion doesn’t cut it).  After visiting for the fifth time I felt like a celebrity, and while I enjoy the service I especially love the food, and bouncy castle almost feel like I cannot write an unbiased review.  Marigold is more like a twist on Indian food as opposed to full-blown contemporary, but what it does it does very well, and at affordable prices, mind you.  And best of all, it’s in my neighborhood.

To start we had the samosas, which I’ve had before and loved it just
as much again.  The samosas, filled with spicy potatoes and peas, had a
perfectly-cooked crust that was neither greasy nor chewy.  The
ingredients inside were fresh, and the accompanying tamarind and
mint-cilantro chutneys  (presented together like a yin-and-yang in the
same bowl) were delicious and a cut above what you find at a
neighborhood place.   We also ordered the dahi kebab, which is not what
you would ordinarily think of as kebab but rather a seared peppercorn
crusted yogurt (with a taste not unlike goat cheese), served with
greens and a orange and coriander vinagrette.  This was also fantastic.

For my main course I had a steosaurus-sized lamb shank, served in a
coriander and spicy pepper sauce.  The lamb was tender and juicy and
barely needed a knife to cut.  Perfect. It came with a pyramid of
basmati rice (as most dishes do), but it was barely touched due to the
portion size bounce house for sale of the lamb.   Everyone seemed happy with their dishes
overall, from the paneerto the vegetarian thali, which included saag
paneer (Indian cheese), chana masala, and andrha eggplant.  The saag
had a really different taste. It was a very successful with a fresh and
almost richer veggie quality distinctly different interpretation of the
Devon classic. The chana masala was also very fresh but I’ve decided
that a longer stewed and softer chickpea is my preference – it was
spicy though! The naan accompanying it was good, but I feel that I’ve
had better bread elsewhere

Marigold’s dishes are about in the
$15-$25 range and when you walk out you feel like you’ve had a culinary
experience without walking out penniless

4832 N. Broadway