Casbah Cafe

March 21 2007 - 10:13 AM

The parallel streets Broadway and Clark have many great (and not-so-great) BYO restaurants. From somewhere around Webster to a bit south of Irving Park, there are lots and lots of BYOs and lots of cuisines to choose from, and this is only the Lakeview section. I once lived three blocks from Casbah, and for whatever reason I never stopped by. Until now.

Wanting to Bring (Y)our Own, and deciding upon Mediterranean, we decided to choose the Moroccan-themed restaurant. First of all, it’s very cozy vibe not often jumpers for sale seen in BYO restaurants, with carpets on the wall and a fireplace. The staff was very friendly and personable as well.  Prices
were a bit higher for Mediterraean, but luckily the atmosphere, high
food quality, and lack of tables and crowds more than made up for it.

We started off
ordering an appetizer plate of very good hummus, probably the best
falafel I’ve ever had, which was served with some type of yogurt sauce
and on a lettuce bed with wonderful dressing, grape leaves, and a type
of mixed greens. We also had a cheese burrek, which was cheese in perfectly-flaky phyllo dough. Outstanding.

For soup, we were served a carrot, curry, and ginger soup that also was outstanding. I had lamb chops that were juicy and superb, and it came with a giant bed mechanical bull for sale of rice as well as peppers and onions. My friend next to me, however, had the chicken special. The
chicken was juicy and covered in a flaky philo dough crust, and served
with dried apricots and I want to say pistachios but my memory fails me. This was the best yet of the evening.

For dessert we had crème caramel, which was like a custard flan with a sort of simple syrup sauce.

Overall everyone in our party of four left very full and very happy. There
seem to be more and more Middle Eastern restaurants and takeout places
opening up, but this one was by far memorable and I will for sure be

Casbah Café

3151 N. Broadway

773- 935-3339