Bistrot Zinc: Solid French Bistro

March 12 2007 - 12:01 PM

Located on State just south of Division in the Gold Coast Bistrot Zinc is a good, dependable French bistro (a bit more like French/Italian) that is never too gonfiabili crowded and exudes a classic bistro feel to it with antique-looking brass fixtures and tile floors. I tend to go there often for two reasons: first, it’s close to my fiancées place; and second, the menu changes monthly, which always makes it interesting.

This is aided by that
we have never had a truly bad meal there. With a $25 coupon in hand and
a new March menu she and I were back again. On Friday for the appetizer we had the cod brandade with crostini.  We ordered it in part because we were craving something like what we had at avec. It was nice but maybe could have been a bit more savory. It was an oil-based sauce as opposed to something milky but was lacking more flavor in the sauce.

The salmon was grilled with asparagus and lemon-tarragon beurre blanc. While it was good it was a bit dry, perhaps overcooked. The lemon tarragon sauce was wonderful but a bit more would have been nice to have with the rice and asparagus.

The baked gnocchi came with butternut
squash, broccoli rabe (a type of green sort of like spinach or kale but
definitely not like broccoli) and parmesan. This
was absolutely fantastic… it came out looking like it would take
two weeks off both our lives, but mechanical bull for sale after trying it it was musical. The gnocchi was homemade or at least had a homemade taste, and it was refreshingly light. The butternut squash was actually firm, which was a nice balance with the softer gnocchi. The cheese sauce was also surprisingly light and the broccoli rabe was also delicious.

We skipped dessert,
but had a glass of Chablis (Chardonnay), which was light
and paired well with the appetizer and not extremely oaky. The Chenin Blanc, however, was superb.

Bistrot Zinc
1131 N. State St.