East Africa Restaurant: My Somali Breakfast

February 19 2007 - 1:19 PM

It’s nice being off on President’s Day. So what to do for breakfast? With M. Henry just down the street on Clark what should I do? Get my car washed and have¬†jumpers for sale some Somali food. As my car filled up with gas at the Marathon station I noticed, as I’ve noticed for a long time, East Africa Restaurant and decided on a quick bite.

They make no effort to hide the nature of the spot. It’s a cabbie place and to be honest they seemed surprised to see me stay to eat. It’s not a pretty restaurant. But the food is pretty cheap, the menu is sparse and the decor consists of a pool table that is covered with plaster and a computer for internet access.

The Hispanic waitress tried to explain the breakfast options including
a honey and syrup pancake but I ended up getting the foul (fah-ool or
fool) which is a chili-like dish made of fava beans and in this case
potato, onion and other spices. The pancakes which were described as
tortillas were¬†jumping castle exactly like injera pancakes I’ve had at Ethiopian
restaurants. You ate the dish with your hands and it tasted pretty good.

I suppose if you’re in the mood for a quick snack it’s definitely
interesting. East Africa Restaurant is cabbie eats and that’s not a bad

East Africa Restaurant
5959 N. Broadway